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Hi Nad Team

I would like to take the opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU for all your assistance, help and advice!

Thank you for assisting me when I’ve needed favours, quick fixes and speedy turnaround times!

It’s honestly suppliers like you that make my job that much better, and I’m lucky to be able to work with people such as yourself.



Stock Boxes
Box on Pallet
"Cardboard sheets"
Slip sheets
Packaging Supplier

Who we are

NAD Packaging was established in 2006 to address packaging needs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.  

Our products are top quality, our service level excellent and our prices are very competitive.  We are comitted to customer satisfaction.

We focus on your needs and strive to be your one-stop-supplier for all your industrial packaging needs.

Our dedicated team will be able to provide you with the best possible advice.

Our company owned factory is based in Rosslyn.

We have 2 storage warehouses and 3 production units,

which consists of a Corrugated Box manufacturing plant, a pallet manufacturing plant and a wooden Crate manufacturing facility.


We manufacture boxes - Custom sizes  -  Any quantity

Did you know?

"corrugated boxes
gallery/box folf
Moving Boxes

Standard Stock Boxes

Box 150x100x110mm Stock 1

Box 230x150x150mm Stock 2

Box 250x150x250mm Stock 3

Box 300x230x300mm Stock 4

Box 450x300x300mm Stock 5

Box 600x450x300mm Stock 6

Box 450x450x500mm Stock 7


Available in

Custom made boxes

Wholesale boxes

Style of Box:  RSC


Available in Single Wall or Double Wall

Full Overlap Flap Box

Style of Box:  FOLF 


Full Overlap Flap

Available in Single Wall or Double Wall

Cardboard Sleeve

Style of Box:  SLEEVE


Available in Single Wall or Double Wall

Box Base and Lid

Style of Box:  HALF RSC


Lid also available if needed

Available in Single Wall or Double Wall

Other Boxes

Pizza boxes


White or Kraft (brown) 

Printed or unprinted

Minimum orders apply

Document Storage boxes


Base and Lid -

Size 430x330x250mm

Broiler Box


Base, Lid and Filler

Minimum orders apply

Box Base and lid
Base and lid box
FOLF Cardboard Box
Box shop
Fruit and Veg boxes
Box on Pallet

Custom size box plus wooden pallet

Box on Pallet

Custom size box plus cardboard pallet

We are registered to do HEAT TREATMENT (ISPM15) for export purposes


Cardboard pallet


Pallets can be either 2way or 4way

Wooden Pallet

2way Pallet

4way Pallet

Edge guards


Box Corner protectors also available

Cardboard sheets

Available in Single Wall or Double Wall

Cardboard / Corrugated Sheets

"Cardboard sheets"
"Cardboard sheets"
Cardboard seperator

Cardboard sheets can be used as Interlayers, or seperators between products


These cardboard sheets can be cut to your required size

Custom cardboard sheets
Plastic slip sheet
Corrugated slip sheet
Slip sheets are the new alternative to Wooden Pallets
Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic or corrugated board used in commercial shipping.
Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability.



  • Upto 40% Cheaper than wooden pallet
  • No Heat treatment needed for export purposes
  • Use 98% less stacking space in warehouse than wooden pallets
  • 10% more shipping space in container available
  • Less administration to recover empty pallets
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable)
  • Weather resistant
  • Weighs 1/30 of a wooden pallet
  • Significant saving on airfreight cost
  • No maintenance needed on slip sheet


  • Slip sheet usage requires special slipheets attachments on transportation devices such as a lift truck 
  • When used alone, pallets provide more structural support than slip sheets
  • Pallets are easily compatible with crane devices
  • Overall, the advantages of slip sheets vs. pallets highly overate the disadvantages


Slip Sheets (also known as Grip sheets)

Bubble wrap


1250 x 100m

Packaging Material


SFK (Single Flute Corroboard)

SFK 915mm

SFK 1250mm



1250 x 100m

1mm, 2mm 3mm and 5mm available

Pallet wrap

Pallet wrap

Choose the following options:

Casting or Blown

Machine or Hand Rolls

Normal or Extended Cores

Various sizes and Microns


Edge guards

Edge guards / Corner protectors

Various sizes available

Buff tape

Buff Tape / Clear Tape

Various size available

gallery/nad pallet netting
gallery/nad pallet netting2

Pallet stretch net



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